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MDR European Authorized Representative Services


Heerlen, 27 October 2020   MedQ Consultants B.V. will continue to provide EU Authorized Representative services under the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR). When the MDR was released, it became clear that the regulation adds more stringent obligations to manufacturers and authorized representatives. The obligations of authorized representatives are described in MDR Article 11. [...]

MDR European Authorized Representative Services2020-10-27T12:25:06+01:00

COVID-19 update – October 2020


Heerlen, 13 October 2020   The team of MedQ Consultants B.V. will continue to deliver the most comprehensive service to all our customers during this COVID-19 pandemic. As indicated in our press release dated 23 April 2020, our office remains open and we will continue to provide you with our tailor-made services. MedQ Consultants B.V. [...]

COVID-19 update – October 20202020-10-13T13:51:09+02:00

MedQ Consultants B.V. will attend the RAPS EURO Convergence 2020 online!


Heerlen, 01 October 2020   We are pleased to announce that MedQ Consultants B.V. will be attending the RAPS Euro convergence 2020, taking place on 26-30 October 2020. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the convergence will be taking place online with a fully virtual program that will allow attendees to experience the Euro Convergence live [...]

MedQ Consultants B.V. will attend the RAPS EURO Convergence 2020 online!2020-10-13T13:32:25+02:00