Heerlen, 6 March 2020


MedQ Consultants B.V.


We are proud to announce that five years ago, on 04 March 2015, MedQ Consultants B.V. was founded.

Having worked for the medical device industry for decades, Robin J.M. Lucchesi and René Roncken decided to start the consulting service for the medical device industry to serve and support the process for obtaining market approval in the EU.

With the combined knowhow they formed a unique combination to understand the pathway and requirements for a successful and compliant process supporting the Regulatory, Quality as well as Clinical compliance from R&D to CE-Marking and beyond.

The unique combination of a broad knowledge and practical hands-on experience provided an in-depth insight on how each part of the puzzle fits together. Competence and quality of work has been the main work ethics.

The combination of knowledge and work ethics have proven to be successful and maintain the focus to move forward.

With an extensive network of competent experts and associates, a broad range of services can be provided in the ever-changing environment and demands to bring medical devices to the market.

With the recent startup of the subsidiary MedR-AR Services B.V., we continue to support medical device companies as authorized representative under the new medical device regulation MDR.

We are looking forward continuing supporting the medical device industry in the years to come.